Bandelin DT 514 H

- full convenience in use and display for all bath types
- easy to operate - self-explanatory symbols well recognizable parameters, target as well as actual values - brightly lighting LED-display
- 4-step-operation as "plug and clean"
- heater 20-80 °C, thermostatically adjustable, with LED-display for target value and actual value of temperature
- optical signal in case of excess temperature
- timer for countdown and continuous operation
- DEGAS: adjustable pulse sound level for removing unwanted air bubbles, visible at LCD-display
- automatic short-time ultrasound during heating
- up period to avoid delay in boiling - switch-off possible
- CE marked as medical device
- quality management system according to the requirements of EN ISO 13485/11.2000 in the production line
- protection class IP 33 at highest possible level through liquid-tight mains cable and housing front without openings.
- SweepTec for permanent sound field oscillation ensures even and gentle cleaning
- utility patent DE 202 21 041
- automatical safety shut-down 12 hours after last keypress
- marking of filling level for safe dosage
- one-piece welded drain bow
- Transducers with high efficiency

Internal tank (mm) :
325 × 300 × 150

Capacity 13.5 l..