Kaps SOM 4 DENT 200

Flexible microscope with 1:7 manual zoom

Just More Comfort

Particular importance in this new product series has been placed on ergonomics and quality. The microscopes are characterized
by outstanding optics, integrated LED lighting, a contemporary ergonomic design, user-friendliness and optimal freedom of movement.

Brilliant Images for a Visible Difference

The Kaps SOM© 4dent 200 dental microscope provides sharp, crystal clear images in natural colors and with high-resolution
details. This model is equipped with a unique 1:7 manual zoom. This allows flexible adjustment of the working distance and
magnification to accommodate the current treatment situation. In this way, the dentist can switch quickly and smoothly between
a detailed field of vision (maximum magnification) and the overview field (the largest possible field) without any restriction to the
stereoscopic vision. The double iris diaphragm increases the depth of focus and enables users to see extra details in their field of vision.
The microscope is fitted with an integrated spotlight, so that tissue around the area being treated is not unnecessarily irritated.
The orange filter helps to effectively cut out disturbing UV components, which can lead to premature curing during the placement
of composite fillings.

Integrated Fan-less LED illumination

The color temperature of the LED lighting strongly resembles daylight. It provides high luminescence and excellent color
reproduction, thus guaranteeing less fatiguing work. Since the lighting is integrated in the microscope, the system can
manage completely without light guides. Follow-up costs, such as for repairing damaged light guides or for replacing light
bulbs, are a thing of the past. The lighting system does not cause any disturbing fan noises and only generates little heat
despite its high light intensity.

Functional Ergonomic Working

Since it is equipped with a long support arm, the dentist has a large work area available with maximum freedom of movement
and unhindered access to the patient. The optional 45° ergonomic wedge is ideal for preventing neck pain and backache. All
microscopic movements are effected with the minimum of effort.
Kaps SOM© 4dent 200 is equipped with a balancing system. This enables the user to smoothly position the microscope exactly
as needed, even with adapted accessories. Asymmetric load distribution on the microscope is balanced out and does not influence
the ergonomics.

All connecting cables are integrated in the system, which guarantees easy and efficient cleaning. The three versions are available
on a mobile stand or for wall or ceiling mounting.


Kaps 900

• 5-step magnification changer
• 0-210° inclinable binocular tube f = 182 mm
• Objective f = 250 mm with fine focussing
• Eyepieces 12.5 x V
• Integrated LED-illumination, dimmable (operating time ca. 50.000 hours)
• Space-saving mounting systems
• Ergonomic hand grips

The ideal entry model and offers a sensational price-performance ratio

The Kaps 900 is the ideal entry model and offers a sensational price-performance ratio.

The ultra-bright LED lighting goes hand in hand with Kaps' tried and tested optics.

Brilliant Optics
Kaps optics deliver crystal-clear images and high resolution details in natural colors (apochromatic optics).

Integrated LED Lighting
The high-contrast color temperature of the LED lighting strongly resembles daylight. In addition, the even lighting of the field of vision makes work less fatiguing. Further advantages are the long durability of some 50,000 hours and the low electricity consumption. Besides, the LED lighting is noiseless and generates only minimum heat.

We have placed great emphasis on the ergonomics since dentists often complain about neck pain and backache. With the Kaps 900, you are always seated comfortably in an ergonomic upright position and so are much more relaxed as you go about your daily business.

Kaps 1100

Changeur de grossissement apochromatique en 5 étapes
Plage de grossissement de 1,5 à 40 fois (selon les composants optiques)
Champ de vision 120 mm à 7 mm (selon les composants optiques)
Tube binoculaire inclinable 0-210 ° avec 12,5
Objectif f = 250 mm avec mise au point fine (12 mm)
Couplage d'équilibrage
Eclairage LED intégré

The Kaps 1100 is the first level in the Kaps modular range of dental microscopes!

It is equipped with a balancing facility for ideally equalizing the microscope's motion, brilliant optics and ultra-bright LED lighting. The Kaps 1100 thus provides high-contrast, true-color visualization. This gives the dentist maximum control during the whole treatment!

The balancing system enables the dentist to adjust the Kaps dental microscope smoothly and precisely to any desired position, even with adapted accessories. Even asymmetric loads are perfectly balanced and do not impair the microscope's ergonomics.

The high light intensity, achieved through the innovative white light LED illumination, enables a glimpse into areas that are normally hardly accessible. The homogeneously illuminated field of vision and higher contrast ensure fatigue-free working.

Ergonomic Solutions
The Kaps dental microscope was designed with the focus on ergonomics, since dentists often complain about neck and back problems. With the Kaps 45° ergonomic wedge, including the binocular turntable, problems like these are now a thing of the past. The Kaps 1100 is used while you are comfortably seated in an ergonomic upright posture. This results in far more relaxed working..